Us & Ecologi - A Tree Planted for every order placed

Us & Ecologi - A Tree Planted for every order placed

We've just pledged to plant a tree for every order placed on Loaf & Larder. Yup. Every Order will get a Tree planted somewhere where it will do most good for the planet. Not only that, but we've pledged to plant an additional 424 trees every month to try and make up for the carbon emissions we, as a business, make.

What's not to like? Read on and find out a bit more about the initiative. We're feeling a bit chuffed about the whole thing and, believe it or not, we've already planted over 450 trees since last week when we started all this. How have we done this? Well, we're excited to announce that we have partnered with environmental conservationist experts Ecologi to help fund Climate Positive projects around the World.

We'll be planting a Tree for every order we take through Loaf & Larder and for every trade order we take; so you can help plant a tree just by ordering with us - simple! We're also offsetting all of the Carbon Emissions of our staff members, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food and hobbies - that's the equivalent of over 28 tonnes of CO2 a month. Pretty neat huh?

Head over to our Ecologi profile to find out more about Ecologi and the work they do, you can also see the work we've already supported and the little forest of trees we've planted - it's already growing thanks to your orders. 

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