Full Moon Olive Harvest

Full Moon Olive Harvest
Some of you folk out there will remember this time last year when we told you about the Full Moon Olive Oil – the lucky ones acted swiftly and were able to reserve a few bottles of this truly amazing oil.

Well, it's that time again - the Full Moon happened last week on the 20th October but, once again, global events prevented us from joining Fernando and his team to join them as they harvested the first olives of the season to make the very earliest harvest olive oil  during the October Full Moon Olive Harvest. Here's a little of what I wrote last year:

In any normal year we’d be making preparations to go and join the October Full Moon Olive Harvest (not as pagan as you might first think) with our Olive Oil producer, Fernando at Naturvie, over in Spain. It’s a rare and wondrous thing to be part of. Anyone interested in biodynamics would immediately get why we do a Full Moon Harvest but anyone with the slightest romantic streak should also appreciate the whole Harvest Moon thing.

The theory behind a Full Moon Harvest is simple: when the moon is at it's fullest it exerts the maximum gravitational pull on all things here on earth - as such, fruit at the time of the full moon is at it's fattest and most luxuriant meaning that a harvest at this time can increase and concentrate the yield in a way that is incredibly special.

Only the olives harvested during the Full Moon are pressed - within an hour or two of harvesting - the resulting oil has to be experienced through every sense – the smell, colour, feel and taste is simply extraordinary – a luminous green with a heady aroma of everything autumnal – freshly mown grass, newly fallen leaves, an earthy edge and a taste that is both ancient and fresh at the same time. The taste is so big it takes your breath away – peppery, raw and just a bit visceral.  We can’t wait to try this year’s and we've got a limited amount of bottles to share so standby. It’s something that only comes your way once a year… Order it now for delivery as soon as it gets to us - ETA w/c 15 November...

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