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We finally made it...

We finally made it... go and hug an Olive Tree or two once again - first time out of the country since June 2019 and wow did it feel good to back amongst the olive trees again. Whilst not wanting to bore you with the details of our long overdue reunion with what has been the inspiration for Olives Et Al for nearly 30 years I think it's worth sharing a little of what we saw. This magnificent old tree grew out of the terrace that had so clearly been built around it of the little place we stayed in.  By our reckoning at least 1000 if not more years old and probably planted by the Venetians. Even better was the view it's branches framed.  All around us were trees of a similar age and equally majestic in the twists and turns developed over long years passing from season to season.  We still feel that time somehow passes more slowly when under the branches of old trees - maybe that's just waxing lyrical and over sentimental but, frankly, we rather like the odd sentimental lyrical wax.  All we can say is that it wasn't just good to be back, it was positively re-juvenating.

And for those interested in the travel hassle - nothing to write home about, really: Passenger Locator Forms for where we stayed in Greece, Vaccination records and a face mask on the plane - an antigen test 72 hours before we returned, Passenger Locator Forms to arrive in the UK and then a Day 2 PCR test - all pretty straightforward in action but just a bit stressy trying to get your head around it at the outset.  More than worth it.

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