Are You Pub Ready?

With the country poised to charge into the nearest pub this weekend what are you planning on doing?

Remember that scene in "Ice Cold in Alex"? Months in the desert dreaming of an ice cold lager - it's here if you need a reminder: John Mills Having A Pint - one wonders whether it will be worth waiting for after us all being in our own private deserts for the last few months...

Whether or not you're Pub bound I thought, that as the weather's a bit iffy for the next few days, I'd share one of our favourite Moroccan Chicken recipes with you - something to warm up a slightly dull evening.

Did someone say Chicken?

Moroccan Chicken? With Preserved Lemons? And Spices? Yup - this is the one:

BBQ if fine, Stove Top if not... 

This is such a lovely dish to do over hot coals but works just as well indoors.  Click the pic for the recipe. Shopping list:

  • Preserved Lemons
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pitted Green Olives
  • Spices

See all recipes here

Wash it down with a nice drop of something ice cold...
Seeing as we started this off with Ice Cold In Alex how about recreating that scene for yourself with an ice cold bottle of something from our cellar...

Do it for John and Sylvia


It's still Gin O 'Clock

Did we mention we have our own gin? Of course I did. But in case you missed it: here are the key points:

Made from our waste Olive Brine
Best Artisan Drink at the WFIA
Tastes gorgeous
Click the pic for the full story

Make Mine A Double

Send a Food Parcel

Got someone special still isolating? Want to say Thanks? Whatever the reason giving the gift of food is a lovely way to keep in touch - we can send anything you want more or less anywhere you need it to get to...

Last Words: Please keep in touch and tell us what you'd like us to do. Loaf & Larder is still very much a lifeboat for us and, from what I've heard and read, many of you, too.

Every order we receive helps us keep afloat and, with luck, keeps you and/or whoever you're sending it to, happy and well fed.

If there is something you'd like us to list then just let us know - we're open to all suggestions!

As ever, keep your Gin up and roll on the 4th of July

Dorset Oliveers and Loaf & Larder Folk

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