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Garofalo Tagliatelle 500g

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Garofalo Premium Italian Pasta from Naples

Garofalo is an Italian company specialising in the production of Pasta. Based in Gragnano in the province of Naples, the company was founded in 1789 when Mr. Garofalo obtained by Roya Decree the official license for making and selling ‘’well-made pasta”. Since then Garofalo pasta has been synonymous with excellence.

Today Garofalo combines artisan knowledge and modern technology in its BRC certified factory, still located in the town of Gragnano.

Garofalo makes its premium Italian pasta with only two ingredients, wheat and water.

You can’t produce excellent pasta if the best wheat is not used. We only choose wheat that, in addition to a specific gluten level, offers a particular colour, cleanliness and flavour characteristics. These are essential to give Pasta Garofalo its distinctive character.

Garofalo pasta has a rough porous surface due to the dough passing through a bronze die to form each shape, allowing the sauce to stick and absorb into the cooked pasta.