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Olives Et Al Sticky Dorset Honey - 360g

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First batch of Spring/Summer 2020 Olives Et Al honey from our mate Steve the Bee's Hives - just 36 jars at the moment - each one is numbered.

I started to learn beekeeping a couple of years ago and we kept bees here at Olives Et Al - alas, my colony was wiped out by wasps last year so whilst this may not be from our own hives it is from Steve the Bee who is the chap teaching me all about bees. 

Steve knows a thing or two as he's been beekeeping for 46 years.  He lives just up the road from us and his bees forage in the hedgerows, fields and meadows surrounding us here in the Blackmore Vale. We only take a limited amount each year as we want to leave most of it for the bees...

So it's still local honey from local bees... well, local-ish - they do fly about a bit you know...