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Laredana Spanish Anchovies - 365g

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Now, if you're an anchovy lover (it's probably illegal so stop it at once) then these are the chaps for you - decent size tin of Proper Spanish Anchovy Fillets - filleted and in sunflower oil but much bigger and juicier than the weedy specimens we get over here.

If the size of the tin is off-putting, no need to worry, simply decant into a jar, top up with oil and bung in the fridge and they'll last until the midnight snack monster comes and raids them all.

Best Before is End November 2020 but we know they'll last well beyond that but that's why the price is reduced a little

Flat Fillets of Anchovies in Sunflower Oil

Weight: 365g in Sunflower oil - Salt added

Ingredients: Anchovies (fish), sunflower oil, salt.

Allergens in bold.