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Carbon Neutral Drinks Company - English Breakfast (Luxury Black Tea)

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English Breakfast Tea

Luxury Black Tea

Available to purchase as Loose Leaf or in packs of 15 compostable 'plastic-free' loose leaf bags

Ingredients: 100% Luxury Black Tea.

Our Breakfast Tea is a perfect high-quality blend from a 2nd Flush Assam and a February harvested Kenyan tea. This balance brings out the best in the malty tones of the Assam, accompanied with a full bodied taste of the Kenyan leaves. 

The Assam leaves from India are grown between heights above sea level of 500-1500ft, whilst the Kiambu leaves from Kenya are 5500-6500ft above sea level. 

Every pack of tea is specially packed by hand, by our team on the Wiltshire/Dorset border in a pouch bag to be enjoyed at your leisure.

Recommended Brewing Guidelines. 

Brewing temperature: 100 degrees celsius

Brewing time: 3-5 minutes

A quintessentially high-grade ethical drinks selection that has a positive impact on the environment using closed loop technology and a passion for great taste for a more sustainable future.

For every online order, a donation will be made to The Green Earth Appeal, which will allow them to plant a fruit tree in one of their projects across the developing world.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Black Tea, Cornflower Petals and natural flavours.