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Wine Red - Organic Roots Rosso - Bottle 75cl

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Cabernet Sauvignon, Corvina, Merlot, Syrah / Shiraz

ABV: 12%

Brilliant, light-bodied red full of crunchy red fruits. Consistently reliable organic Italian red wine that wins fans whenever it is tasted. Very soft, very drinkable, it’s towards a Valpolicella style. The all-rounder wine that will take on any pasta dish. Enjoy!

The skilful, exclusive blend of grape varieties makes for an easily enjoyable bottle of wine that is both organic and authentically styled. Fresh, juicy and clean it offers flavours that recall blackcurrant, dark cherry and plum. A thoroughly enjoyable everyday red that will take on any pasta dish.

Blended from choice Cabernet Sauvignon, Corvina (as in Valpolicella), Merlot and Syrah/Shiraz.