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The Hunker Games

Sorry. We know the pun's bad but we simply couldn't resist putting our own twist on The Hunger Games - nice selections to hunker down with someone hungry - Catching Fire for a hot night, Sweetness & Lightness to hit that elusive sweet spot or Evergreen Vegan for those that swing that way

Whatever you pick, these all come in a handsome and handy ribboned up Jute Bags with the gift message of your choice all on a nifty card that we'll pop in the box for you. Don't forget to let us know what the message should say...

Loaf & Larder
The Catching Fire
Regular price £30.00
    Loaf & Larder
    Sweetness & Lightness
    Regular price £40.00
      Loaf & Larder
      The Evergreen Vegan
      Regular price £45.00

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