Wicker is so old hat: it’s not environmentally friendly and mostly comes from China so we’ve stopped offering any form of wicker hampers even though we do admit it was fun playing with all the buckles, straps and what not.

Instead, we’ve chosen to go with handy Jute Bags that can be reused for shopping, beaches, cabin baggage, storing knick knacks or even as rather fetching hats or for transporting small pets.

We’ve complimented the Jute Bags with a simple kraft Hat Box type affair which again makes handy storage for stuff that lives under the bed or at the back of cupboards.

All bags and boxes are finished with gift ribbon and look very smart and just right for giving to your nearest, furthest, dearest or just plan difficult to buy for.

Everything But The… 5 bundles loosely based on a theme. The largest has 32 individual products and is intended to be used to create lots of bundles for friends, colleagues, family, teachers etc.  32 possible gifts for less than £5.00 each. Neat, eh?

Time for… 5 bundles loosely based on another sort of a theme - just as lovely as the others but named a little differently. Wonderfully eclectic.

The Booze Bags… Have a guess: Yup, 3 Bags based on Booze – Gin, Wine or Beer depending on what your favourite booze hound is into. Hic responsibly.

Boxes & Bags... 5 collections intended to suit particular needs and cravings whether you’ve got an Olive-a-Holic, Dressing-Up-a-Holic or any of the other Holics that seem to come out at this time of year. Holly Holic.

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