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The Culinary King

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The Culinary King is full on flavour for gastronic delight!

One for the food enthusiast that enjoys the finer things in life and deserves nothing but the best. Food that's fit for a King!

  • English Truffle Oil
  • OEA House Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Tapenade Marocaine
  • Venison Game Pate with Pork, Chicken Liver & Cognac
  • 1kg Mixed Cheese Assortment
  • Sunshine Rosemary & Garlic Olives
  • Seeded Flatbrad
  • Sea Salt Rosemary Reganas
Note: This is merely a selection of products that work well together on their nominated theme, offered at a reduced price for the collection. Contents may vary. These are not gift packed but we can add gift packaging if you'd like. Just give us a call and we'll arrange for you.