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Everything But The Cook

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Rather decent selection of very good ingredients for these that love cooking and generally making a mess in the kitchen - enough lovely things to keep them occupied for hours conjuring up all manner of dishes that you could get to eat.  Ideal for someone who might just need a nudge in the direction of the saucepans...  All bundled up in a very handy Red Jute Bag (good for nipping to the shops for the odd emergency truffle or several).  Spot on.


  • Spice Kit
  • Classic Chilli& Garlic Olives
  • Egyptian Style Spiced Dukkah
  • Moroccan Inspired Tapenade Marocaine
  • Capers Capote
  • Pickled Garlic Cloves
  • OEA House Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • English Truffle Oil